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I'm a boat builder to trade and I am totally sold on Wharram's to the extent that the boat I am building for my own use is a Pahi 63 of which I will use upon it's completion as my home, office, charter, workstation, etc.

However some professional Yacht Brokers I know in the business don't share my opinion. Keeping their personal opinions aside they say the Wharram's have little or no re-sale value, mostly amateur built and of ply construction there is no consistency in quality, therefore they usually sell at a loss in the post build and re-sale market.

Looking at the Brokerage lists I can't argue, I have seen "costal trek" and "ocean class" Wharram's both unfinished projects and proven boats go for less than the material costs.

I don't build Wharram's professionally most of my work is tied up where it is in demand in the "plastic fantastic" Gin Palaces and Honeycomb core Carbon Racers, mainly repairs and insurance work. However I do look at the Wharram's fondly and think of building a few low hour costal trek designs just simply for the pleasure of the build alone and the satisfaction I get from my work. If there is anyone out there that has a different story to argue the Yacht Brokers opinions I'd love to hear it!

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I would think that the Wharram type boats are sort of like an E-Type Jag... a nice rig for the chosen few.. however, when it comes time to sell, then, like the E-type, the 1/10 of 1 percent of the people who are in the market to buy the Wharram, have to be in the buying mood... There are thousands / millions of boats out there, for sale, but not "special" boats... (for the chosen few with good taste...) . The boat brokers are like car salesmen/women... they have to "sell" what sells... If the standard Catalina or what-have-you plastic boat sells well then that's it. They will "adjust" their thoughts and language to either help you or not... You have to read-between-the- lines when it comes to boat brokers.... Simply a thought.... hope it helps you dismiss the nay-sayers out there and do what you really want to do....-
A couple of years ago I saw a beautiful catamaran come into the yard to do its bottom. I saw it at the dock and then later was given the nickel tour when it was on the hard. It was a Maine Cat 41 and seemed to have a lot of Wharram influence, with an open deck plan covered by a hard dodger, no deck house like the typical production cats. Of course it displaced more than a Wharram and was carrying heavy diesel power. When I looked it up to see how much it cost, I was astounded, it was around a half million dollars. Nice boat. I'll endure my Wharram maintenance woes with a little less complaining now. I like my "twin German submarines" better anyway. Remember, "Build it yourself and save".
Peace is also uncomfortable in cold weather, so we head south where it is warm for the winter. I agree these are warm weather boats, but a friend who wintered over in the Arctic said Wharrams would be easy to insullate by just placing foam panels between the stringers. We prefer Bahamas for winter! Ann and Nev
This stuff may help with your condensation problems.

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