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Hi everyone.

Firstly thanks for this website. I'm sure it will be a great success!


I sail a Tiki 21 in Auckland. Very pleased with the boat and how she performs. Over December I did some "camping" off Tiri and Rakino islands. The boat is well set up for this, but as always, a few improvements will make life that bit more comfortable. I've attached a few photos of the trip (no wind...), and also the initial launch  (too much wind!)...


I would like to arrange a meet at some stage. Don (Wharram rep in NZ) has previously suggested Mahurangi which seems ideal. Wondering whether there are any Wharramites keen to join in on this for a fun weekend to share some experiences etc. No doubt (in true Kiwi fashion) some meat and a few beverages will go down well too. Will also be great if any visiting yachties could join.


Look forward to hearing any suggestions.



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Hi Hans! Mahurangi is north of Auckland, follow this link www.arc.govt.nz/parks/our-parks/parks-in-the.../mahurangi/

Bay of Islands would be amazing, certainly worth the effort. For me it would mean more planning, and I may be limited by time. But definitely food for thought.

Keep in touch and let's see if we can get this arranged.


Hi Carl
Nice idea to get a group of Wharram cats together. Mahurangi is very close for us as we are on the Whangateau Harbour just north of there. Should be ok for us, will stay in touch. Going to the Bay of Islands would be great as well but needs more time for the passage . We are planning to maybe go there in Feb/March. Including our Tanenui (28) there are 3 wharrams close by (Tiki 30 and Tiki 21) so we will see if they are interested as well.
Happy sailing. Graham and Josephine - "Dreamtime"
Hi Graham. If we do a BOI can possibly sail up together. Let's see how Tiki Puru performs ; )
Definitely keep in touch.
Hi Carl
I am sure Tiki Puru is up to the job ;-) She looks like a really nice boat ;-) ;-)
Lets see who joins the discussion and see where the wind takes us.

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