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Budget Boater is now offering a short-term educational program for anyone who wants to learn how to build a Wharram Catamaran. You will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience and find out what goes into building a Tiki 38. We have one in progress currently, and another to build after.


All experience levels are acceptable. Maybe you are considering building a Wharram Catamaran yourself, but don't know what is involved. Maybe you have built a boat before, and just want to experience the thrill (or agony, depending on your point of view) again. Maybe you have never touched a tool or mixed epoxy and just want to know what it feels like. Maybe you have a reluctant spouse who needs to get some first-hand experience to be convinced (beware, this could backfire on you.) Regardless of your motivation or level or experience, you are welcome to apply.
Singles, couples, and families are all welcome. Your attitude and enthusiasm are more important than your abilities. 
Some things you should know:
• This is a non-paying learning experience.
• Any clothing you wear while boat building will be destroyed in short order.
• During your learning experience, you may be exposed to any and all of the following: things that can cut you, put a hole in you, scratch you, remove a limb, or kill you, epoxy, wood, plywood, wood dust, cats, paints, solvents, power tools, heavy objects, sparks, dogs, fiberglass, music, spiders, Texas weather, kids, ladders, contortionism, glue, dirt, endless searches for that thing you just set down but has now strangely disappeared, clamps, latex, nitrile, rust, silica, polyethylene, polystyrene, balsa, and Texas hospitality.
• Our shop is located in the heart of Texas, way out in the country.
• You will be required to support yourselves during your time with us and provide your own food, drink, lodging, and adequate clothing. We will provide building supplies, tools and safety equipment.
• Having a motor vehicle will be a good thing.
• For short stays, the nearest hotels are 15-25 miles away.
• For short or longer stays, affordable State Parks (for RVs and/or camping), private RV parks, and short-term rental homes are very near our shop and abundant.
• Anyone with an adequate self-contained RV will be considered for a free-stay at our shop. Electricity, water, sewage, and internet can be provided.
• The nearest grocery stores are 8-10 miles away, and we will drive you if you do not have a car. If you are a fast-food junkie, you are going to be sorely disappointed, as the best source is 22 miles away. If you like regular finer dining, those establishments are 35 miles away. If you still prefer to eat out, there are many great, inexpensive mom & pop home diners of various cuisines in an around the area. If you enjoy the convenience of big city life, you will be far from it here.
• The nearest airports are Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW), Love Field (Dallas), and Austin. We are about equally distant between Dallas and Austin.
• If you have drug and/or alcohol abuse problems, or any other negative personality issues, please do not apply. If you are accepted, and we see a personality problem, you will be forced to leave and a trespass warning will be issued by the Sheriff's office.
• Accepted applicants will be required to sign a release form, as well as an acceptability and termination contract.
• Lengths of stay begin at one week minimum terms, and can be many months long if you desire and we agree with your attitude and ability to support yourself. You can request to come for one week, two weeks, a month, or more.
So long as this discussion remains open, the program is still available.

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The nearest city is Dallas. Under this program, only one has been built, but it is the third boat we have built overall.

Lorrie Bosick said:

What City is close by? We are very interested in the building of Wharram Tiki 38 and have the ability to work for experience. I have been a volunteer for Grid Alternatives. We install solar for low income families. I have grown very much by this experience. This is a great opportunity for interested sailors. My Captain works on boats and has for his entire life. This could be a great opportunity. How many boats have been built?

oLd timey mulihullers Like mees remembers building a gigantic closing@lockintoolbox with witch to hitchhike across the country to TRIMARANCITY  santa cruz.I have visited a couple of communal-co-op type locations very wonderful inspiring places to behold..

I  like this! :)


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