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Hey everyone, 

Emily and I just got back from a drive all night road trip to Albuquerque to visit and learn from Axel.  He is close to finishing a Tiki 38 there.

We had a awesome, but far too brief, time.  Axel patiently answered our questions and let us explore the hulls and help as much as we could. 

We will be going back as much as possible and I encourage everyone even remotely interested in building a Wharram to go see Axel.  Go get some real time experience from a great guy.


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Hey guys,

So sad I missed you, I was hurrying to the boat in the rain so I could catch you but by the time I got there you were gone. Hope you come back soon

It was nice meeting you and Emily Jeff, glad you enjoyed the visit. Starting the hull spraying next week, made easier by the help with masking. Thanks, I appreciate the help and keep the capes on as long as y'all can!

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