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Hello folks
What kind of VHF antenna do you use in a Tiki 38. Top of the mast is the best place to install it.
And the SSB antenna?
Thanks a lot

I am still almost there on the building of my Tiki 38

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vai dizer que vc não trouçe uma antena de top de westmarine?

Hi Giovani, I lost my original VHF antenae in Madagascar in the sticks.

So I checked out the internet and built a DIY arial which works fine.

Only cost me the Coax cable and a plug

Check out   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdEglNHyHB4

Hope it helps.


Thank you so much. I already built one, but if I need to replace I will try your method!

Hi Giovani, can you tell how you built a VHF antenna?

Keep well and fair sailing


I bought a 9db to the top of the mast and an 3db spare one which I use with the AIS.

Seems like an old post just thought I'd revive it. I am new on the forum here and was wondering the same thing, especially about the SSB antenna, given that there isn't any steel standing rigging on Wharrams as far as I know? Has anyone put SSB on their Wharram and what did they use as antenna?

ss whip antenna . you can use ,with the proper isolators ,use a shroud for an ssb antenna, I guess.

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