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Hi everyone,

Our tiki 46 "Spiral Tribe" is for sale.
She is in nearly new condition after a 3 year renovation and is a fantastic boat.
We sailed from South Africa to brazil in 22 days and are now cruising the windward islands in the caribbean.

We are selling as my partner is pregnant and I have been offered a long term work contract back in Asia and we don't want to put her on the hard for a few years as realistically we aren't going to be able to use her properly for the foreseeable future.

It will be a very sad day when she is sold as I poured my love sweat and tears into her over the last 4 years.

If anyone is interested then please mail me on marty.c.peters at gmail.com or send me or message on this forum.


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Is it still for sale?  I have been looking for a long time for a 46.  You can call me to discuss price, etc.   573-433-1255

If it still for sale what is the Prize you have in your mind?

Regard Oli

Hi Everyone,

We have decided to take Spiral Tribe off the market and will be moving back onboard towards the end of the year. Despite quite a lot of interest, I am very very glad that we didn't sell her and to be honest I think that we priced her high for a reason! 

 We had a roller coaster of a year last year but things are looking up and up. Our new son arrived last December, and despite turning down a long term contract in Asia I have been busy working offshore refilling the bank account, so hopefully when we get back onboard the financial strain won't be as high, as I found cruising on a very very strict budget was incredibly stressful, especially when we found out we were having another child. We should now be able to enjoy the cruising for the next few years without having the stress of imminent insolvency!!

I'm sure that cruising with a small baby will present its own challenges but we both feel that we need to continue cruising for a while.

Thanks for all the interest.


nice work Marty

Well Marty,  congratulations on the new baby and even more so for being able to continue sailing your Tiki 46 a few years more.  If any of the people who were interested in buying your boat are still interested in buying a Tiki 46, ours is now on the market.  Peace IV is in North Carolina and you can contact me via email at svpeacefour@yahoo.com or here on this website for information. 

Ann and Nev

Hi Jay, Ann,

Thanks, we,  are very happy we finally committed to moving back onboard, I think if we'd have sold her now we would have regretted it forever.



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