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I have a Tiki 46 I would be willing to sell. It needs work, but the aluminum masts, rigging, sails heads, beams, and hulls are in good shape.  The windshield, patio decking, and starboard rudder need repair. Needs two outboard motors. 

Kittywake. It's in Pensacola. See our page on Wharram builders. Built in 2005 -7and sailed several years in the Keys, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Mexico.

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paypal would probably be easiest. Not sure if my paypal account is up to date. I have not used it in a long time.

inventory is pretty much as listed above. Has sails, screen/canvas cockpit enclosure, and working electric anchor windless.

Guillaume Loïc Delteil said:

Hi Jeff, I am interested in this boat. Would you please send to me gdelteil@laposte.net
More pics, inventory and your last Price request with your payment conditions.
I plan to fly to Miami, next month, after aranging personal affairs in France.
Would send you an account payment through paypal, crypto, binance or personal bank account asap.
Kind regards

Photos added. Deckpod and cockpit ate wider than in the plans. Deckpod is about 6 inches taller than plans. 

Mark Wagener said:

Hi Jeff , any photos , mods , price etc ......

$28,500 for Tiki 46 we were advertising.

Johannes Trbola said:

...if the price is interesting... let me know...

Price $28,500 and photos added.

Darren Kirkland said:

I would be interested when you have some pics and what you want for her 

             Im in Florida so when your ready ill come take a look



Price $28,500 and photos added.

Brandon Gamble said:

Friend request sent. I'm looking for a Tiki 46. Would love to negotiate terms.

Price $28,500 and photos added

Stijn Qc said:

Same, just made this account because I am interested in a Tiki 46!

Price $28,500 and photos added

richard said:

Hey Jeff, 

also very interested in your tiki 46, I’m located in FL and have been looking for a wharram, don’t mind a project.  Please contact me 302-727-2673



Sail blogs under kittywake is all that remains. the other website suffered a virus attack and ended up getting taken down.

jim nichols said:

I followed your build on this site originally and wondered what happened to your family and the boat. I have two questions one where can I find reports of your adventures and the other may I also see pictures of the boat in her current condition.
I don't remember the dates but when you were in Titusville Florida I met you and your wife on Peace VI.
Thank you.
Jim Nichols


Is this boat still available?

Thank you 



Jeff is this boat still for sale ? i am very interested... 

Hi Jeff,

  I never saw if your boat was sold.  Still have it?   Let me know.  

My email address Rdopaleo@yahoo.com



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