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We're looking for an individual or couple to work with us to get our TIKI38 back to her original self.  Major part of the project would be repairing the beams and some of the decking.  She is at our dock in Panama outside of our workshop waiting for attention. In exchange for the modest financial and sweat investment we will offer 50% ownership with the understanding that she would spend winters in the Florida Keys and summers in mid coast Maine or other arrangements agreed to.  Anyone interested in something like this or more info can contact me directly via my email TIKISAILOR@YAHOO.COM. 

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Hi Brendon and Aleisa,

I see you may be selling your 38 in the future?I have a friend  who likes the 38 and may be looking for one in the near future.

Tevake,unfortunately was a total loss after hurricane Michael tossed her around in the Panhandle.

Hope all is well with you both and enjoying life in Panama.

Hans B

    Hummmm 50% ownership but You call all the shots isn't 50% ownership.   For instance  no chance someone could do an around the world trip with it if it has to stay in Florida or Maine.   

    You are looking for someone to do all the work and THEN you want to cut them loose from the boat after it is ready to go.  I am guessing your don't live in Panama?  

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