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Hi all,

Some of you did already installed an tiller autopilot on their Tiki 38 or any Wharram ...? and what is the best way to install .?

Why an tiller autopilot, first in my opinion we don not need a lot of power so a small tiller autopilot will be enough, and to add an wheel autopilot on my wheel .. arfff i dont think this can be beautifull !! may be i mistake with this, what's your opinion and experience ? thanks

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oh also the most important in the auto pilot for me is an wifi remote control, really usefull when you sail alone.

Tu n'as pas de régulateur?

oui Olivier j'en ai un, mais ici les navs sont entre 10 et 20 milles avec de nombreuses variations de routes du haut casier de pecheur, seul c est pas mal de pouvoir mettre +10 -10° en solo avec la telecommande, pas mal de changement de cap pour les passages entre les illes..
apres le pilote sur le regul c est aussi pas mal mais comme sur un cata un 1000 ou 2000 travailleront tres bien sans forcer autant le mettre sur la barre franche.. toi tu as prévu que le régul ?

En fait j'ai pensé au régule car il me semblait plus simple a mettre en place un petit pilote dessus mais cela n'est vraiment pas certain. Perso je penche pour la girouette Wharram et j'ai déjà un vieux pilote barre a roue qui me conviendra pour de courte étape ou au moteur.

I had a tiller autopilot on my T30, and a wheel pilot on my Tangaroa. I would not recommend a tiller pilot for the Tiki 38 unless it was operating the vane of a trim tab self-steering system.

The tiller pilot is difficult to mount in a strong manner on most Wharrams, especially the Tiki designs. The torque on the rudders in heavy seas is more significant that most realize, and this tends to overwhelm even the strongest electric tiller pilots.

ok thank you for your advise budget boater, the tiller auto pilot on this design will be better on the windpilot or need an wheel autopilot on tiki 38

I tried a tiller pilot on my T38 and wasnt satisfied that it would work reliably. I installed a wheel pilot that has been brilliant. But by far the best is the wind vane as designed by Hanneke. The plans are not expensive and it saves a lot of trial and error if you do it yourself. The autopilot is only used for short periods when we are under power and either setting or dropping sails.


Thanks Dave for sharing your experience, in fact i have a wind pilot but i never use, sailing almost alone i m actually little bit "afraid" to use it, i mean going on trampoline and come back without nobody at wheel, may be need to have the right process to use it and it could also been interesting on short distance with small windy conditions...
I will probably post on French forum to get some experience about the wind pilot in this weather conditions
Jacques if this conversation can help you, in French sorry ;)

retour d'experience as soon as possible

there was a thread a while back on this with pictures of how people have set up tiller pilots on their tikis.  for me the biggest problem was the weight of the tillers overwhelming thentiller pilot if it made a big correction.  we only use the tiller pilot when motoring as we only motor when there is non wind so no big corrections.  when sailing we use a wind vane system that can be disengaged from the tiller bar and is controlled with long lines so we only need to go aft when we set it up at the start of a trip.  i think i posted some pics previously.

As my boat is in court, I have a Raymarine tiller pilot (up tp 2t) with wireless remote control, located in Brittany. I'd go with a windwane, too, but the raymarine being overpriced would try to get Nasa marine tax free at a UK port.

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