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Hi, due to a moment of MADNESS, I have decided to purchase a 37' Mono, which I am already regretting ( they are SO complicated).  Jeez, I know I'm going to get hell for this. MY loss, someones else's gain. Any way she is on market.

1x Yamaha 9.9 high thrust with alternator + elecric start,18 months old + 2nd one BRAND new in yesterday. 6x month old 10 mm chain+ 2x anchors. Electric Windlass. L.P.G. 3x burner stove, Oven, Griller, electric solinoid. 1x Double bed -Starboard + 1x single Port bow + convertable settee to Double. Deck Pod to sleep one person, + convertable bed behind Helm to enable to sail/sleep on watch, clears around cockpit,hard Bimini/rain catcher (thanks Shelmi, Wakatatia ) Pur Water maker. Waeco Compessor 12v electic Fridge. Edson helm.  BIG Plastimo compass. Wind Pilot self steering. Solid wood burner in Port hull. Both hulls insulated with removable foam.  4x 60 Watt solar panels. EXCELLENT Electrical system (a work of art, Professionally installed). VHF + SSB. next to Navigation staion Strbd Hull. Toilet- USCG approved 20 litre screw down lidded pail with seat- SIMPLE.  EPIRB (new 2010) C.D. / MP3 player in Port hull. Dive ramp.  Stern Drogue. ( not used by me ) LARGE deck awning.

Jeckells sails ( of course ) Storm Jib + Main and Mizzen, Gaff High aspect Foils. Working Jib made by Lee sails (New Sept. 2010) Spinnaker ( Jeckells ) with snuffer. Adjustable whisker pole.

Just returned from cruising in the Pacific Paradise.

Proudly built  2001  in 1088 plywood full W.E.S.T. system and sailed across from U.S.A. by Ron and Susan Methany.

Fantasic Build. Thanks Guys.

Currently Registered in Germany. Imported/ Duty paid in New Zealand. I have owned and lived aboard in Bay of Islands for last 6x Years.

This boat ONLY needs both Boat and EPIRB Registation to be changed (via Email) and YOU can sail her away. Petrol tanks are full. NOTHING needs to be done. Will supply new anti foul when purchased. ( what more can I do) If you want it deivered, I can even arrange that ( at your cost)

Please register your interest, and I WIIL endeavour to get a full inventory available ASAP ( I'm NOT very computer savvy ) As I am very busy at moment (selling house and swapping boats) I will try and reply to replies ASAP ( to serious queries only PLEASE )

We are ALL entitled to dreams (me too) however, I just do not have enough hours to reply to general sailing questions... May your sails be full & your electrics dry..Wayne


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hi Wayne, if you would replace a TIKI 38 with ANY monohull, you should take at least $1,000 US for the TIKI. i'll fly over with the cash and sail her back. David

Oh, humour...I'm cracking up here. Actually, as I get more involved in setting the Mono up, I think I already did , going back to a Mono !

Don't get me wrong, it is a great boat, I have just been spoilt having a lovely Cat. that works on the K.I.S.S. system.

I just wanted more living space inside, now paying the penalty, literally and figuratively.

Cheers for the offer Dave, however I'm not that crazy...yet

sorry, i just couldn't help myself. the TIKI 38 is my favorite Wharram, and yours sounds like a great boat. i wish i could make you a 'real' offer for her, but am financially involved in a trucking business at this time. pushing 80,000 lbs. down the road at 60 kts. pays well, but is also expensive. i'm surprised there have been no 'real' offers. i know there are plenty out there looking for a T38. GOOD LUCK.  

At least put some pics up and let us know the price.  We are not in the market to buy, but those who are in the market will want that info right off.  And the rest of us are curious, for sure.  All the best,  Ann and Nev

Hi, Firstly I apologise for my tardyness, I'm such a slacker..after putting Mum in a Rest Home (kicking and screaming all the way) cleaning out the Family home, Selling said House, Buying another boat (idiot) and meanwhile trying to get a life, I somehow ran out of time. Photos..My offshore stuff was compromised by  TROJAN whilst in Tonga last year. Will endeavour to recover ASAP. and get some posted. I am reluctant to post photos of boat  (inside) at present time as I havn't even vacuumed, let alone moved stuff off for a photo session.

Price.. N.Z.$100,000.00 (one hundred thousand Kiwi Dollars) which I feel would be VERY fair  price for a very well made Tiki 38.

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate the feed back. I need the kick in the pants, I know she needs to be sold, It is just like giving my Dog away..BETRAYAL of my best friend.

cheers Wayne

Hello Wayne,

I was alerted that Tapasya was for sale from a couple of friends. Suzanne and I still miss Tapasya. We used your money to buy some property on the coast of Chile. Thanks for the kind words about the build. You could link to James's comments about Tapasya from his Christmas Letter Nov 2005. I have some interior pics if you need them.


ron metheny

Hi Ron, thanks for that. Yes some photos of inside would be appreciated if not too much touble. Not a lot has changed inside other than the closed cell foam I added to combat the cold down here, although, I'm sure not as cold as Chile..cheers Wayne

Hi Shane, sorry, not yet as unfortunately I have still not completed my other projects.
I will endeavour to get these before the end of the Month and get them posted. You are very welcome to visit the boat if in the area.
Thanks, Wayne

Hi Wayne,

If she's not sold would you be interested in loaning her to OceansWatch for the NZ winter? We are looking for another boat this year to go to the Solomon's. She would be sailing up in company with Cat Knapp and Magic Roundabout. We would look after her well and give her a little spruce up after the trip ready to go back on the market in spring. I would be skipper. Cat Knapp worked well, would be great to have another Tiki.

Hi Chris, no thanks.Just doing a complete outside paint of the boat ready to advertise her in New Zealand. This will happen after I contact the numerous people that have expressed interest in her over past few Months. I will post on the Net so that they may have 1st option to buy. I'm sure she will sell to the 1st people to view. As you know, she is a great boat and well built. Just needed tidying up of the paint, which due to my busy schedule, has been difficult. cheers Wayne

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