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Just in the process of swaging all the standing rigging,  and noticed that on the sheet giving the lengths there appears to be an error.  (surprise?  not...) The foremast aft shroud is shown as 8.65 M and the fwd shroud at 9.20 M.  But on the rigging and sailplan sheet,  the aft shroud is shown looped over the upper cleats and therefore must be the longer one.  Could this be a typo and the fwd and aft dimensions just need to be reversed?  Can anyone confirm this for me? 


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the typo is that the aft shroud is 9.65 m instead of 8.65 m. I think a log time ago there has been a correction issued. My plans are correct (no 100).
However I do not think that the loops are the best design. After changing to Alu masts I used through bolts with vangs and stepping a mast is a dream since.

Hi Bjorn,

Darn,  I already made up those shrouds and now have to throw away good work.  I wonder how many hapless builders raised the foremast only to discover the aft shrouds were 1 meter too short!  This is just too much.  I've had so much frustration with those plans all the way through with so many errata, omissions and  contradictions.  Sorry about that rant,  but my patience has worn thin.

But...I love your video of Maughidoo sailing fast downwind;  It's great to see that all this tribulation at least has a good result! 

I made wood masts so it seemed to make sense to go with the loops.  Oh well.

Thanks for such a quick reply,


Now I have to wonder if there are other mistakes on this sheet,  and with a launch date comittment looming this has to get solved.  Does anyone have an updated copy (the small sheet) of the Tiki 38 shroud and forestay lengths they could scan and e-mail to me?  I realize that's a bit of a bother,  but would be greatly appreciated.


Send me a private emailddress, I dont think you need to throw the shrouds away, just make the lashings longer and maybe make them out of dyneema for lower stretch. I probably would the longer shroud as the top one and the shorter one as the lower one.

Hi Jacques,  maybe I got the last set of old plans!  (#94) 

I am glad to hear you used the loop system and had no problems.  I think how the swages are done makes the difference between success and failure.  I invested in a very heavy duty swaging tool to improve the odds.


Hi Alf (and others with the same problem).

I'm building from plans #131. The dimensions have been corrected showing:

Foremast forward: 9.35mForemast aft: 9.95m
Aft mast forward: 9.75m
Aft mast aft: 9.5m

Cheers Klaus

Thanks Klaus,  those are all different from the plans I have except aft mast aft.  Can you give me the forestay and bridle lengths also?  I wonder if the mast height is the same,  mine are 9.95m.


Here you go, Alf:

Forestay, not furling: 9.50m
Forestay, furling: 9.75m (cut bottom to suit gear and use Norseman adjustable swage)

Bridle, not furling: 2.25m
Bridle, furling: 2.10m

I should add that all measurements are from swag end to end. Loops are 680mm, this includes the shrouds.

Mast lenghts are 9.95m, so you're spot on there.

Please remember I'm quoting here - I'm not responsible for any Wharram mistakes !!!!

Looking forward to reaching your stage. I'm just starting my build again after having been flooded three times in six weeks. Lovely.

Cheers Klaus

Thanks again Klaus, 

Interesting that the forestay and bridle match what I have on my plans.  That's a relief,  won't have to replace everything!

I hope your weather improves,  flooding is a pretty major deterrent to boatbuilding... but could be useful at launch time!


Please let me know if everything fits - and if not, how much off. Would be interesting to know in a few years time.

Perhaps it would be an idea to set up some sort of register of known issues with Wharram plans. Could be useful for the Wharrams too !

Cheers Klaus

That's a terrific idea Klaus.  Man,  if there had been such a resource I would have more hair left I'm sure.  I don't have the time to set up such a register,  but if one existed I have a collection of issues to contribute!

I will let you know how the rigging works out. 


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