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Hi all, you help please. I brought my Tiki 2nd hand and have no information on recommended mast rake.  currently have significant weather helm in any breeze even though I've already taken some of the original rake off. I've tried the usual, trimming the main further to leeward on the traveler and that does reduce the load it is still heavy on the helm. Yesterday in about 10 - 13 knots on a beam reach again a lot of weather helm regardless of how I trimmed sails. The attached picture will give you an idea of the mast rake with the boat in the water. If you do suggest rake in degrees of mast rake can you confirm whether that is in relation to the waterline with the boat properly trimmed. I have seen the recommendation for the Tiki 26 mentioned here in another post but wanted to check if relevant to the 30. 

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Nigel, try the 4 degree rake the t26 uses, you can always increase/decrease  the rake if need be. Tikis need a bit of rake to go to weather. On beam reaches, you will have to let the main out if you are in a good breeze, or the leeward hull will be pressed hard into the water, with significant spray coming over the bow.

Is your mainsail the proper size?  If your mainsail is too big, which puts your center of effort too far aft of the center of lateral resistance, you can have excessive weather helm.  Or maybe your foresail is too small to balance the main?  Try reefing the main and see what happens. Also the rake looks a little excessive by just looking at the picture.  Less rake might balance it out. 

Try narrowing the sheeting angles of the jib . You can use barber haulers to experiment .

The deck pod sits where you normally would have your jib sheeted.

Your  mast rake is not excessive by the e looks of it.  You could  put the mast dead straight up and see if you notice an effect ,positive or otherwise . It's easy enouh to do .

Cheers  Makz

               Siam Sailing, Phuket  

Hi all, many thanks for your suggestions. Maxim, good to hear from you trust all is going well? Here in Singapore the NE monsoon has been the best for years so have been sailing rather than working on the boat. Last weekend wind was much lighter which, if same this weekend, means I can get on the beach and adjust the mast rake (our beach at Changi is a lee shore in the NE). Will provide feedback once done and sailed. Continuing to learn lessons re sail settings, raced last weekend in lighter breeze and boat felt very slow. Received this photo and easy to see why, everything way too tight - need to remember I'm not sailing my 16 foot OTB racing catamaran!




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