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Hi all,

Rainy day, so I'm checking the plans trying to get ahead of the construction and I have a big doubt. In the assembly booklet (page 2) says you must leave a gap for bulkhead 6 and bulknead 2 between the keel and the timbers that go between the keel and the stem and stern. But it does not show a gap between the timber and the stem for bulkhead 1 nor a gap between timber and stern for bulkhead 7. Bulkhead 7 has no notch but bulkhead 1 has a 35mmX10mm notch.

Should I leave a gap between timber and stem/stern for the bulkheads? Do the bulkheads rest on top of the timber? On top of the T section? What is the 35mmX10mm notch for?

If anyone has solved this I would very much appreciate some tips.

Thank you and merry Christmas.


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In Sheet 1 (structural details) the drawings show both bulkheads going all the way down, that would be ok with bkhd 7 (though it would contradict the assembly booklet that shows no gap), but that would mean it would be two (2) timbers between the keel and the stem (as blkhd 1 would be cutting them apart) and there is no mention about it. And what would the 35mmX10mm notch in blkhd1 be doing there? Haven't been able to find a sensible answer.

This is probably late, but...IIRC BH7 did reach to the bottom of the keel timber in the slot between the stern post. This made the top align with the lower hull top. The problem was the keel timber was milled to 18mm and the stern is also 18mm, while BH7 was made 20mm at the bottom. I reshaped the curves of the BH to end at 18mm and then things were fine. 

So there is a problem in the plans but mine were bought 2nd hand(not used in a build) and are about 24 year old. I hope newer plans have been corrected. 

Good luck with your build!


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