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Wharram tiki 26 or 30 - Plans for sale for detailed studying purposes?
I am new to the world of catamarans but the Wharram Tiki 26/30 and Wood catamarans have caught my interest. There are many aspects of the wharram which I find very attractive.
I just bought the study plans for the Wharram tiki 26 and 30. But I'm sill not sure whether to to build the Tiki 30, Tiki 26 or even to consider the Mana 24 ( its only available as a kit , It would be nice if it was also available as a self build from plans). The study plans are not great as they lack the basic measurements such as size of the sleeping areas head room areas etc
If anyone has the building  plans of the tiki 26 and 30 lying around to sell I would be interested. I understand Wharram team are not against plans being resold as long as they receive a fee and re-registration if an additional build takes place which I think is fair enough. However buying two sets of plan full price at this stage is too much of an outlay.
thanks for any help or advice in this matter

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