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G,day all

I have been looking at tent options for my tiki and whilst in a camping shop i had a look at their tents.I wonder if one could use one of these''land tents'' instead of making one out of canvas.The models that i was looking at had a front and back door with mozzie nets,you may have to cut out the floor of the tent to get into the hulls,but i wonder how robust this option will be and wether you lot think it would work?

cheers Paul.

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Hi Kim

there is aluminium groove strip screwed along the cabin top - both sides

The tent itself has something like a luff rope along the bottom of the sides which you pull along and through the alu groove.

In fact the arrangement is similar to a roller furler and sail.

It takes a bit of practice to pull the tent through, you have to do both sides at the same time or else there isn't enough fabric across the front when the thing is diagonal, if you get what I mean.

hope that helps

kim whitmyre said:

Nick, how is the D Sails tent attached along the cabin sides? Dodger snaps or turnlocks?

That there is a nice tent Nick.


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