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g,day all.well all this wind and cyclonic weather to the north of me has got me thinking about sails for my girl.as i intend on doing some long offshore passages i was wondering what i would need in the way of reefs etc.what is a ballpark figure for the sails and who would you recomend to make them.

cheers paul.

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Paul, take a look at my page here; in the photo album. There are shots of my new sails the first time I raised them. I ordered them from Rolly Tasker Sails in Phuket, Thailand. Two reefs in the main, two reefs in the jib: under $2k U.S. Tasker has the specifications for the tiki 26; delivered in a timely manner right to my door.


At the end of the album, you can see the pennant reefing setup for the main sail. The jib is set up likewise.



kim,once again i am endebted to you,thank you.


Paul, so many fellow sailors helped me, and continue to help me, that it is a pleasure to share their knowledge. Enjoy!




Our Tiki 26 came with a jib, main and drifter made by Lee Sails.  I was a little suspicious of their Hong Kong origin, perhaps based on the number of toys I had as a kid that broke prematurely and were stamped "made in Hong Kong", but they performed admirably on our recent trip...no complaints.  They have only one set of reef points, but I would feel better with another for offshore use.  I could not find a receipt among the paperwork that came with the boat.  Hope that helps.


hello friends ,

i need to replace my  pahi 26 sails to tiki rig 26 sails , what is the weigth ( grammage) is better if i want longtime use .tasker france  or jeckell .

thank you


The Tasker sails on Vaea are 6.3 ounce (178g) Dacron ,suitable for offshore.
thank you kim

Hi Paul,

If you are going offshore I would definitely recommend 3 reefs in the main. It will hardly add any more to the cost of sails but I bet you use it more than you would think!! When sailing offshore keeping the boat sailing steady under autopilot you will be reefed down in anything above 15kts. Trying to make progress against gales on my way to NZ I had just 2 reefs on main and reef half way up the working jib. Still way too much sail to have up in 35-40kts of wind, when I could have been sailing with smaller sails just like I did in last years Jester Challenge.

Cheers, Rory

I was reading tales of the wisdom of forereaching in heavy breeze just today. . .The gentleman spoke as you, Rory: very little sail, just enough to maintain steerage way, in order to keep the boat on its "feet."
I went out with my wife and friends yesterday, out of Los Angeles Harbor, Angels' Gate. The breeze was in the 12 - 14 knot range most of the time, it was sunny: xlnt! Coming out of Angels' Gate, Catalina Island's south end is practically due south, and the breeze is normally southwesterly by late morning, and continues to veer clockwise as the day progresses to a westerly.

I was using my new jib sheeting plan: for all but windward work, the jib sheet runs to a turning block shackled to a modified chainplate mounted to the outboard end of the aft beam, through a cheekblock mounted on the inner edge of the aft cabin wall, to a flying double block (one sheave for each sheet) centered right in front of the aft beam. These sheets are thus cross-sheeted to the winches.

So, going out on a close reach, the above plan works very well. Vaea was doing 7-9 knots, depending on how well the skipper paid attention to keeping the telltales streaming aft! After about 1 1/2 hours, I reversed course and headed for Angels' Gate. With 3 miles to go to the Gate, on a port tack, I soft-shackled the windward sheets to the clew of the jib, leaving the reaching sheets on the clew. Then I run the windward sheet to a stand-up block mounted on a car and track just on the aft seat edge, directly to the winch. This winch is free due to the cross-sheeting of the reaching sheets. I take up the windward sheet, release the reaching sheet, and am ready for what is locally called "Hurricane Gulch." The afternoon breeze gets accelerated due to the Palos Verdes headland and roars down practically parallel to the breakwater: windsurfer heaven! Due to the veering of the breeze, the approach becomes a beat to windward, and despite have to do an abrupt turn to starboard to avoid some supertanker steaming westward, Vaea was still doing 8-9 knots and occasionally better: folks who had been sitting forward of the mast beam retreated to the cabin or cockpit as it was getting wet out front! I've learned that its best to enter Angels' Gate on a diagonal course because with the Hurricane bearing down on you, turning kills boat speed and you get blown towards the rocks of a huge mole before you begin to creep along with the wind dead on your nose: not good!

Once inside the Gate, it's close-hauled on a port tack until you get on a line to the main channel, and then you gradually fall off the wind, until its coming over the aft port quarter. Still had a nice boat speed of 7 knots and up, which is very comforting faced with all the large rocks of the moles!

Long story short, the new sails and new jib sheeting arrangement are most enjoyable!

I did have a problem raising the main due to my pennant reefing lines having tied themselves into knots. . .I think they need loops sewn into the leech to run through so they do not get tangled up.
sounds like a good day out mate,it is good when a plan comes together,man them supertankers and rocky moles that would be enough to keep you interested.

hello kim, i am looking on your divers pics and forums  about your conversion to textile rigging ,they are very usefull ( you should put that together on a blog ?) . i try to find in france the equivalent to dynex dux and precourt system ( gone ?) . finally for the sail, i will follow rory advice with 3 reef , 3 batten and  order the main to jeckells . tasker send me to his representative in france  but after 3 mails, with explanations pics and sail design he still dont understand that the tiki rig is a sleeve along the mast ... and for me the hardest is to converse 3/8" in metric system !



kim whitmyre said:

The Tasker sails on Vaea are 6.3 ounce (178g) Dacron ,suitable for offshore.

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