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Good news bad news, my tiki 26 is for sale.  Boat was originally built in the 90's and sailed down from NY to the bahamas and returned.  Original owner let the boat sit until I bought it a couple years ago.  After tons of work getting her back to where she is now the boating bug has also hit my wife and we are looking for a larger catamaran so time to sell.  

Purchased the hulls, sails, mast, and plans with all other parts missing.  Replaced all rot in hulls and built new rudders, center cockpit, beams and other miscellaneous parts.  Project is at 85-90% finished but  Sails are in rough shape but can probably be repaired.  Mast is 100% and needs nothing.  I also have extras needed to complete rigging (lines, trampoline netting, blocks, etc.)

There has been no work on the interior of the boat so this is a blank canvas but will need to have some epoxy work and sealing done in there before use. Other work needed is painting, finishing hatches and washboards, finish outboard sled, and final assembly and tweaks post that.  

Boat is located in northwest CT, but I got it here from upstate NY so easy to get on a rented flatbed trailer and get her home to your house to finish up.  This is an amazing boat for cruising long island sound!

Wont let me add photos so email me for more info and photos mharrison4@me.com

Price is $4,000

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What shape are the sails in?

Is your Tiki still available? Thanks Tony

1647 views; I thought this was a wharram builders site! and...buyers...

Sorry I was trying to reach the owner of the Wharram tiki 26 in CT.

Hi Matt is  your 26 Tiki still available?  Thanks Tony just across the state in Mystic

Anthony Delima said:

Sorry I was trying to reach the owner of the Wharram tiki 26 in CT.

I'm just a cynic. The whole idea of Wharrams was to build your own. Have a go, it's not that hard.

Is this boat still available?

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