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Could I get away with using a standard (oval) aluminium  mast section with internal track for the wing sail which has been recommended by Rolly Tasker rigging dept? The specified aluminium tube is not available localy. The  closest I could find was 140mm diameter 4mm wall. Too big? The specs in the plans are for 127 diam 2.5mm thickness. Could I go smaller 101diam ith slightly thicker wall of 3mm?.... Cheers Pat. Attached is mast sec. available locally Rollt Tasker Thailand

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you can buy 5 inch dia ( OD) alu pipe in 6 meter lengths . Thickness is 2,5 or 3 mm , I forgot. 

You'd need to buy 2 lengths which costs about 5000 baht. Here in Phuket . 

Any decent metal shop in Thailand should have it or be able to order it . 

Maxim Jurgens

hanks Maxim.

I have been looking on the net for hours and contacted Tasker and Precision Shipwrights niether offer 5" aluminium pipe 2.5mm. I will try and contact  a local metal shop to order. 

Regarding wood selection I found a Co. in Phuket which has Bimtangor wood which traditionaly was used for mast and spars in SEA. This is the website http://phuketdir.com/pktsiamnanaphan/  .  Also interesting for wood is Henoki wood (japonese cypress) found in Thaialnd available in 6m legths at  http://www.spk-sawmill.com/customize-ไม้เนื้ออ่อน-107866-1.html . it is supposed to same charicteristics as Port Oxford Ceader wich is excellent wood for boatbuilding.

Thanks again.

If you happen to know the name of the metal shop in Phuket would appreciate it 

My mast is actually an aluminum lamp post/flag pole. I don't know the exact dimensions, but I could measure it for you. You may want to extend your materials search to lamp post/flag pole suppliers.

Thanks Randall!

Hey Patrick,

I built my mast, after discussions with my rigger, of 150mm x 3mm walls using two lengths. Also made it a metre higher to give better clearance in the cock pit as well as a tapering the top 1200mm.


Thanks for the info Lee! Is your boat in the water and sailing? Would love to hear if the modifications you made are working out. Like the SS tabernacle.  Cheers


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