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I have been wondering how suitable Tiki 21 is for sailing in subarctic climate, such as in the waters of the Nordic countries. Any experiences?

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Well that was a few weeks back. It was a nice late weekend and we were lucky. I wouldn't want to be out now! 

I'm about to spend two weeks on Beto in the conditions in question. 40-60 F. I'll give you a report on it all afterwards if you want, Timo. The Tiki in 20 knots is reasonably dry if you put a reef in the main and jib. Here is an idea of it. The 21 is my favorite boat.......but I will commit blasphemy and admit that I'm getting a Corsair next!


Wow Brad, two weeks in 40-60°F (around 5-15°C)! Yes, I'm curious to read your report if you have time to write it. I'm more into plywood than fibreglass, so no Corsairs to me, please. :)

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