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Am negotiating to buy a tiki 21 in bad shape. Hulls only. And these are damaged. Need to get a set of plans to finish it out. Any used plans for sale? Using the repair/rebuild of the tiki 21 as training for my crew of would-be cat builders prior to building bigger cat.Can purchase used or copy of plans as the original builder had purchased direct from wharram a couple of decades back.




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Well, I'd think the cost of a set of replacement plans, for an existing boat, from JWD should be no more than the cost of reproduction, handling, and shipping.  They have already been paid once for use of their intellectual property.  I'd be curious to see if this is what they do, or if they try to charge you full freight.






Can I exchange an old, but unused Building Plan for a set of plans for a bigger boat?

So long as you originally purchased the Building Plans from us, they are less than 3 years old, in good condition and you have not built a boat from them or copied them, you can return your plans to us and we will give you a 15% discount on your next building plan order.

Can I build from a second hand set of plans and pay you a royalty?

No! The building plans are sold to amateur builders, giving them the right to build one craft only. The largest part of the cost of purchasing the plans is the royalties. In any case, when building a boat, the plans do tend to get a bit battered and might become incomplete. Building from a new set of plans also ensures that you have the latest updates of a design.

Can I build more than one boat from one set of Plans?

Provided you are an AMATEUR builder, you may build a second boat from the same set of plans at a discount of 10% of the plan price, for the second sail number. If you want to build more than 2 boats, then we have to bring up the question of whether in fact you really are an AMATEUR builder or a PROFESSIONAL builder. The situation regarding PROFESSIONAL BUILDERS is different. We receive many enquiries about building our boats "professionally", but, for many different reasons, few work out. Generally, we ask that aspiring professional builders build one boat, which we will then check during construction and when the boat is finished. Subsequently, we need to be sure that you build using good quality materials, follow the plans, and deal ethically and equitably with your customers and us. Only after meeting this criteria can a builder become "approved" as one of our Professional Builders. In addition, each boat built as a commercial product also has to include a Builder's License Fee on top of the plan price.


Omar M. Rashash said:

Eh bien, je pense que le coût d'un ensemble de plans de rechange, pour un bateau existant, de JWD ne devrait pas être plus que le coût de la reproduction, la manutention et l'expédition. Ils ont déjà été payés une fois pour l'utilisation de leur propriété intellectuelle. Je serais curieux de voir si c'est ce qu'ils font, ou s'ils essaient de vous facturer fret entier.






Can you provide duplicate sets of plans?

For builders who purchased the plans from us (or one of our agents): Provided you are a genuine builder and you purchased your plans from us in the first place, we can provide you with replacement plans. These will have the same number as your previous set. They do not entitle you to build a new boat. They are for your reference only. A guideline to prices: £25.00 per A1 sheet, £75.00 for a Tiki type booklet. Please check with the office by emailing info@wharram.com for current correct prices.

If I interpret this correctly, you get no price break when purchasing replacement plans?  Therefore, it makes more sense to purchase a complete set of plans and use them to repair/rebuild your boat.  Once your repairs are complete, sell them to someone else, who can then build a boat with that sail number.



that  is my understanding (about the plans issue). Since i am purchasing a set of hulls, under these circumstances am therefore not the original purchaser, so no price break. Omar, thanks for the suggestion. It makes sense and i shall do just that. Had initially thought to purchase the  tiki 21, fix the boat/train crew, and then return tiki 21 plans for the 38 (settled on that over the 46 due to local lift limitations) upgrade. But your  idea is quite skookum. Will resell the  sail number via the plans when my tiki 21 is complete.


Say, on the subject. This fellow who  built these hulls must have had plans 14+ years ago....so how do i find out what his sail number would have been?  No response back from wharram yet..




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