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Nav lights on a Tiki 21 are not easy as you will find most options require an electrical system. The alternative is battery powered. Most of the available battery nav lights I can find are useless. So I've started on this  Bright Idea.


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Your link does not work.

Is an "electrical system" really that big of a deal? All you need for some LED navigation lights is a 10W solar panel with regulator ($35), a recycled UPS/BPS battery (free), and 50' of 18/2 AWG wire ($10), plus the light(s).

You're right. It's not that big a deal and I do have a system in one hull with a solar panel. I think the point is I have used lights twice in 3 years. I don't want to start running wiring through the hulls and have lights fitted all the time.

These lights last over 100 hrs and are so bright you can't look straight into them and no wires! This project is as much about the way I use lights (i.e. not often). For others wires would work fine.

Thanks for your comments.

I definitely like the idea. It has many applications.

Well thanks ... and if I was sailing a Tiki 26 or larger, wires and fixed lights it would be. .... for now the design is evolving!

More will be here

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