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Wharram 36 to sell in Greece.
British flag, secure swing mooring for free.Need to refurbish deck and sme details

Price 12000€

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Any more details?

What details do you wish? the vessel has been refurbished when I arrived in Greec and bought her. Now the stiring and a small part of the deck need attention and there is a man there who could do that . And need a carenage.

Hout board engine 20CV yamaha whith the stearig is OK, tender AX3 with  2.3CV honda, Water on pression, 3 doble berthes Big CQR and chain, fenders etc.

The swing mooring is safe and mine.

Good cata for visiting greek islands with confort.

10,60 m X 6.00X 0.60. British flag.

If you need some photos give me an email (this ste is goog but so slow!
jean Paul

Hey Paul,

how are you today ?

i just red your post from August, and wonder if you still want to sell your wharram ?

you can contact me via emailadress.  von.gizycki(at)hotmail.de or send me a whatsapp +436764767858

sunny greetings from Austria,


Hello Jean Paul,

is your boat still up for sale?
best regards 


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