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Anyone know what the Tangaroa Mk IV beam is with the Design Improvement package 2?

The Tangaroa Mk IV beam is 19'. But with Design Improvement package 2 with Tiki style I-beams, does the the beam increase some also? If so how much?

The Tiki 38 has a 22'-4", so wondered if the Tangaroa Mk IV was widened some with the Tiki style beams upgrade.

Cheers, Allen

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Hi Allen, did you ever get info on this? I’m looking at the same build
Hi Derek,
I bought the plans and the upgrade drawings.

I’m in town now but can check plans & upgrade drawings and let you know tomorrow.

If have any questions I can let you know what plans say.

Cheers, Allen

Thanks Allen :)

I am mostly looking for more info on the differences between the Tangaroa MkIV, and various Naria’s. Am I correct in that the upgrade design shows I-beams that are lashed on top rather than through the hulls? This would make the inside space noticeable larger i would think? 

I began with thoughts of a Tiki 30. Realized it would probably be too small (but liked the portability and stitch & glue aspect). Wondered about creating a Tiki 36 as the 38 seemed a little large/heavy/slower build/costly. Then noticed the Tangaroa and Naria options…

I noticed another thread you had on the Tangaroa and Naria Mk II. Have you made one? Would love whatever info you want to share on your choices and experience.


I just so happen to have Narai Mk IV plans with upgrade drawings also.
I think they have the differences, info for Narai Mk1 & Mk II.

Talked to Hanneke about few changes to the Tangaroa Mk IV and she agreed the proposed changes would be nice.

DM me if you would like info about the Tangaroa Mk IV mods.

What would you like to know about the Narai’s & Tangaroa?

Cheers, Allen
That’s one of my planned changes on Tangaroa Mk IV, can be done on Narai Mk IV also.

Has a few advantages, no beam troughs mean less weight, simpler building, eliminates potential beam trough leaking. Gives about 12” more head room where beam trough would be and bunks are easier to get in & out of and much more open feeling.

Have a few other mods planned, all straight forward and thumbs up from Hanneke.
Not changing the spirit of Classic Series or trying to turn it into something they are not.

Just few changes that for me make substantially increases usability.

Cheers, Allen

Thanks Allen. I’ll DM you with more Tangaroa questions after the ‘friend request’ goes thru ;) Would love to know more on the mods.

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