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I'm realizing that the tabernacle design for my tiki 30 is going to have major shortcomings. I've built the pod version and it prevents the mast being lowered aft .I suppose you simply leave the forward panel of the tabernacle off and open to allow the mast to be raised and lowered forward . Thinking along these lines I find myself questioning why I even need a Tabernacle. Of course it's handy for arranging the halyard  clutches on,BUT wouldn't a aluminum mast step solidly attached to the beam be just as good?

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We have a a mast foot set up exactly as per your option 2 on our Tiki 30 (It could actually be a photo of our boat prior to us adding a pod). It has worked well for about 15 years, my observations on it are: 1) the mast rocks back and forth on the bolt (we are set up for lowering aft) so if it was set up for lowering forward the mast would probably rock less but it might create an upward pull on the fixings. 2) the fitting overhangs the mast beam aft so the bolt area is unsupported, as I said it has not been a problem but I am inclined to add support there when we next have the beams off just to reduce the risk of the pressure on the bolt lifting the front of the plate.


Jerry S said:

I had a tabernacle but swapped to a plate when someone gave me the plans to make an aluminium mast on a Tiki 26.  I had the plate fabricated.  It lowers the mast aft but I suppose it could be changed to lower forward.  Pictures attached.

Hi yeall your right- time to splash down-spent a little time searching out sources for irrigation pipe suitable to build a mast with . Thanks to the help of my fellow Wharram builders I've got plans that show me pretty well how to do it-it seems like a lot of hassle-I'm thinking about shortcuts, the marine consignment shop will sell me a nice mast for under $1000 a 36 foot mast fully rigged halyard winch and spreaders shrouds to a masthead Rig. Chop off 4 feet and get a aluminum step  fabricated --the shrouds would've gained enough length to be workable.

Ann and Neville Clement said:


Are we gonna splash that boat this summer when we come up?   It's about time for that sorta party...   I want a ride please.

Ann and Nev 

I am in a the mast step building phase of the project. I found an aluminium mast, and these mast step ideas are really good, I will probably build a version of one of these.

I have a couple of questions. have any of you experienced damage to the mast from if pounding into the stainless step?

Has anyone fabricated an insert for the mast to have more area on the step? If no damage then I guess not needed.

Thanks for your support

I'm going to replace my wooden T26 mast with an aluminium one and will use a version of these plans so kindly provided by Jerry. Thank you Jerry!

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