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Hey, folks. I'm down here with BudgetBoater building my Tiki 38. He said that only 2 people contributed money toward operating this site last year. He pays a few hundred dollars a year to run this valuable resource out of his own pocket. You know that this site is not censored except for harmful spam. He only wants a free exchange of valuable information,  Even the official "W" site has little information that is discussed freely as on this site. We are 1200 strong and need to vote with our money. If everyone contributed $1, he could run this site for over 2 years! Of course, there are only 10% of our members that are truly active. So, If you have advertised a boat for sale, solved a building problem, connected with old friends, found a source for materials, or just had some interesting reading, you should make a small donation to keep this site healthy. I'll start it off and donate $10 today. Don't go crazy and contribute a lot; he doesn't need much. Make this a truly community site. Many people contributing a small amount ($5.00) is much better than one person contributing a lot.




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This site has been a great source of information and enjoyment.  Thanks for setting it up.

I've just made my contribution via Paypal, and I encourage you to do this same, if you haven't already.  As Chuck said: a little donation by lots of people is the best way.  

I look forward to meeting some of you out on the sea this year.  Fair winds to all!

The meter seems to be frozen at $385. All we need is 23 more members to give a little. Surely we have that many willing to help (yeah, I know," Don't call me Shirley").

I would like to personally thank everyone who has contributed thus far. I would also like to thank Chuck for his encouragement in this endeavor as this is by far the most successful contribution drive the site has ever had. The most we have ever raised in a full year $220, and we have well exceeded that in just a few weeks time.

For reference the average donation has been about $9 per contributor. Obviously some have donated more and some less, but this is a solid average. In the years past, the average donation was closer to $20 with far fewer contributors making up the total, and until Chuck got involved we received no donations in the previous 22 months.

It is good to know that there are people out there like you, and that this website is well received. We hope to keep it going for many years to come.

This is an amazing site with almost unlimited information available to whoever just asks or has the time to read the archives.

I think we should all put a little back in the form of a donation just to be able to be part of something so useful and informative. 

I've donated and I dont even have a boat..

Pulling money out or Wharramites (Wharramononians?) is sure difficult. We are a cheap lot, that's why we build our own boats.  I guess that 1200 people can only afford $456. That's an average of 38 cents each. Much, much thanks for those that contributed and stepped up.


We did it! Wuhu!


Well done all, and very well done Chuck for the timely reminders - we now appoint you Fundraiser - in - Chief of this site !!

It's the first time ever that our members paid for this site entirely. Ya dun gud! Is Fundraiser-in-Chief a paid position????

How about doing the thermometer thing once a year with the value set to cover the annual running costs? I need the reminder :-(.

Yes we will all need reminding.....

Are you familiar with the military system of volunteering ? At the call "step forward" everyone steps back - and anyone who fails to do so is deemed to have volunteered....By something similar I think Chuck has got the job !!

So here we are again in a new year. We are now over 1400 members and it's time to again pay the bills. Remember that Budgetboater has been carrying this site for years by himself. I have started off the process by making my donation. A few dollars from many is better that a lot of dollars from a few. This is a communal site. It is our site, give a bit, the price of a pseudo-Italian named coffee and a stale bread, I mean biscotti. your turn!

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