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Hi all,

When we bought the boat it had no light-airs headsail, so we've just installed a 'sprit pole' for our new, light-airs, rope-luffed, asymmetrical reacher! In theory, this should transfrom our performance in light winds.  If it proves strong enough I'll be tempted to use it for a No1 genoa, for an intermediate rig in light-airs windward sailing.

I've posted a few photos on my Wharram builders page, and a couple here.

It seems like a good idea... and I think it's strong enough - although I'd be more comfortable if it had a small dolphin striker. It's fabricated from 2mm stainless 1 1/2" pipe, it's 3m (10') long. We'll test sail it over the next couple of weeks around the islands (I'm in the Philippines), then we'll take it out into the Pacific on a 500nm crossing to Palau.

I'll post some photos with the sail set as I get them. Fingers crossed ;-) 


'Jumpa Lagi'

Tiki 38

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Great looking boat!   (I know the post was from 2015, but just had to say it. ;  )

Yes. Not sure which design checking for availability of materials.

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