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Thinking about how to attach my parachute bridle on my T 38. Do you think the horns on the stempost are grunty enough?? A friend has made a special attachment half way up the stem post ,a double chainplate through bolted each side of hulls which the bridles shackle to on each bow. Very strong. Thoughts?

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The Samson posts in the foredeck will be plenty strong enough but your friends system takes out the chaffing problem by shackling the bridle to the hulls . I think i will use the Samson posts with a hose to guard against chafe same as anchoring normally just because it's already set up that way

thanks Don.  My posts are right forward of the foredeck where the deck meets the stem post. Its a continuation of the stem post as per plan. I assume we are talking about the same thing as I have seen sampson posts just after of the bow in the deck. I was thinking I could use chain around these horns(not the right name I know) heavily wrapped in a couple of layers of  tubing and then shackle the chain to the bridle arms if the horns alone were strong enough as one option....this takes the chafe issue out of the equation.

mine has seperate posts on the foredeck to take mooring lines as well as the horns you mention which I thought were more of a styling thing although they should be quite strong. If i was using them i would wrap them in webbing tape and connect a large shackle through 4 or 5 wraps of tape be easier on the horn than chain , like lashing a shackle on to the horn, and spread the load well , you are right this would mean no chaffing problem, someone who has built there boat would have a better idea of their strength.   The stretch in the nylon line should mean that their will be no extreme snatching loads on the boat, I spent a night on a sea anchor on an Oro and it was pretty smooth, never felt like it would pull cleats out of the deck etc.

Thanks Dave(got it right this time). I actually did a little bit of work building your boat many years ago! Where are you based. I am just outside of Warkworth. We need to trade numbers and check out each others boats!

regards Brett

Hi brett I base the boat in Akl and cruise the gulf and Barrier, getting ready for summer  will have some time over xmas on the boat dave 0210764371 are you in Omaha estuary?

yes at Ti Point.  027645 2906 Prepping the boat for offshore adventures too.

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