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I have a tiki 30'. I am the third owner so not the builder It did come with a partial set of plans.

3 of the 4 underwater rudder lashing points have pulled out from the stern post leaving a line of holes and a void. Would it be best to...

fill the void totally with thickened epoxy or a epoxy putty, then apply a few layers of glass and cloth, then re drill the holes.

or fill the void with a shaped piece of hardwood, then glass and cloth, then oversized holes filled again with epoxy then the correct size holes re-drilled

or any other method suggestion.

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i would think that there is probably some rotten wood happening in the stern post. First remove all bad wood and replace. 

then rebuild the lashing holes. 

If the rot is solely in the sterpost , then maybe just putty and several layers of glass might do it. pics?

just had a good look at the holes, did have the go pro on charge but left it at home so no photos. looks like it was a void cut into the wood and filled with epoxy that has pulled out so will beach the boat, clean it all up and fill with some epoxy and a strip of hardwood on the trailing edge, re drill the holes and lash the rudders back on. Hopefully photos to follow

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