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I lost my mast last fall and sat out the winter till now.  I was able to locate an aluminum spar and prepared it with lights, spreaders, and cut it down to match the previous wood mast.  I moved it on board at an angle.  Kaimu was hauled outboard at the stern with anchors and lined right up with the mast which came on board foot first.  The pictures should show how to proceed.  My main concern was with the extreme tension on the foot of the mast.  I had it cinched down to keep it down, and also had straps holding its base in place, but also keeping the mast from moving aft. It was already in position.  There was no drama here, the mast came up and sat right where it should be, 

I think you could raise just about any Wharram mast by being careful with your guys to the mast and sprit, or gin pole, or strut, or whatever you want to call it.  On Kaimu I estimated about 6 foot/tons of the mast and with a strut angled forward, probably only presenting ten feet, you've got over a half ton of tension.

If you can get your mast up, unassisted, then you can bring it down in a foreign port.  Be careful.

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