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Hello All,

We have a complete set of unused plans for a Pahi 63.  The plans have been stamped for Maritime Survey and we have a "Certificate of Compliance for Design" from Queensland Tranport here in Australia in 2002. 

We had planned to build the vessel as a training vessel and use it in the islands to help those in need in remote and isolated places in the South Pacific.  But, like a lot of good plans, they sometimes don't work out...

Regardless... We would like to sell what we have for a very fair price. 






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Did you ever sell these plans?

Nope... Make me an offer I can't refuse?

Where abouts are you in the world?

Would you be able to post to the UK?

Can you reply to r_cosburn@hotmail.com with a rough idea of how much you are looking for.



have you sold these plans yet

Sorry i have not been online for a while i am still interested in these plans i live in Brisbane Australia had similar idea to yours only for clean up of remote places of plastic and rubbish and helping in island communities, 

I have sent you a friend request.  We can PM after you accept.

Beacon Hill Ben said:

Hi, I am interested in the mast & sail section of these plans, can you send me a PM? Thanks, Gerben

Hi Dave,

did you end up selling these plans?

Would love to chat if they are still available.



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