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I am looking for pahi 42 owners for discussion and Meetings .my pahi 42 you can See www.wharram-fenua.de

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I remember your Pahi 42 as a boat with good ideas. For a Pahi she has a special design. I have seen the boat once in French Polynesia. The builder took away the shape of a canoe and gave her the shape of the deck level with only a light curve. She is looking very good. Also the two figure heads which were carved in Vanuatu by Natives are significant for this proven world traveling boat.

He made a slatted deck in the front and in the back and I think on this boat this is a better solution than a simple net. You can comfortably walk around the whole area of the boat. It is built very light, a little elastic, but on the other side strong enough not to break. Well done!

The previous owner had a fine method of easily lifting his big wooden dinghy on deck!

Wish you fun with Fenua
Thanks you for your comment!Now the boat is in Portugal.New interior outfit and a bow thruster installed-You can see the pics on my homepage now.
I am shure, it will be one of the best Pahis in world when I put it back in the water in 2 month.


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