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Hello, i have just embarked on a build of a Pahi 26.  It is a half completed project and i can not find any information in the build plans i have on how the mast beam is seated.  It is a fairly loose fit at the moment (about an inch loose each end).  I am going to pack this out but am wondering if anyone has a photo or advice on how the mast beam fits into the hull sockets on the Pahi 26 (this is the old design not with the wingsail) . i.e. are the sockets lined with rubber or leather to provide cushioning or dry fitted.  Also any advice on how loose a fit the mast beam should be to allow for hull movement would be welcome.  Thanks in advance 

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hello, i never used the Pahi with old rigging, but with wingsail . i did not saw pad in the sokets of the mast beam. if i have had to fit it i would have answering me the same question than you and probably fix a 5mm pad in the sockets. You should have an answer from other design owner with same mast beam , bigger Pahis, old design ?
My advice if you are building is to build with wingsail rigging . You save a lot of weigh. get better performance. ...
So i i have all the old rigging free : wishbone, mast beam, sail, cokpit floor .... but you are a bit far ....
Thanks laurent. Yup i am a bit far down the track to change rigging now. Prehaps when it is due for a refit. Pretty sure i have it sussed out now. I am just going for a snug fit with a 5mm pad as you suggest. Do you have any photos of your boat on the net i could look at? It would be handy to see a finished one.

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