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Hi All,

Im looking at building a tiki 21 this year but before i do i thought i'd build an outrigger sailing canoe to get a feel for the building process... As i've never built anything before, the whole concept of stitch and glue is new to me and rather than get lost in a big project, a small one seems to be the way to go first...

Anyway, Im curious if anyone has built one before? At present Im looking at Wharram's "Melanesia" and Gary Dierkings "Wa'a". Wondering if anyone has any information, opinions or experiences they would like to share about the designs, the process and the sailing of them!

Many thanks,
Josh :o)

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i have a slightly diferent opinion because i like the Melanesia as in the plans, with the hawiain style sail, no rudder and the log style ama. This style rig puts the centre of effort of the sail in just the right place, so that the stearing ore/paddle is a delight to use. The heavy solid ama is fun because it requires concentation to keep the canoe balanced. Its built in the spirit of an ancient design and it works. I'll put some pics up later.


Anthony Collison; Sounds good you can always carry it along for a dink,My first build was a 21 ft clc kayak modifed cause I'm a larger guy, the plans I used were well detailed just follow directions and you should be fine,though I would read up on what ever glues and resin mixes you will be useing,also choices in fill materail for your fillets,take your time don't rush and you,ll do fine.good luck.


Waapa is not stitch-and-glue.

Chesapeake Bay Light Craft ("CLC") has recently come out with a 16-footer that is stitch-and-glue (and which I find quite attractive in it's own right):  http://www.clcboats.com/life-of-boats-blog/clc-outrigger-junior-fir...

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