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For those who are interested in downloading a navigation program that allows you to overlay google earth have a look at www. cruisersforum.com. Somewhere on the net one can download charts too.

cheers paul.

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I come in peace brothers.

If anyone is interested I have the full set off WORLD maps 2011 - can be emailed if needed.

however there are sum patches missing which I have load 2000 maps so those small patches are filled in.

Ahoy Paul,

My appologies for any misconceptions that I'm throwing cold water on this download.  I just ran into a piece of software that was very annoying.  I don't know how it ended up on the computer, but it started right after I ran a downloaded freeware app to extract the .rar file.  It was easy to remove it once I found out where and what it is (was).

I am working on two Toshiba laptops, an L305 and an A205.  The 305 has no trouble running navigatrix and it already had world vector 2010, but loaded the 2011 just fine.  The 205 has a problem and I ran PartedMagic OK, then Ubuntu, which kept going to hash while booting up.  I now have that running, but navigatrix goes to hash while booting up.  If I solve that one, I'll post what I did to make it work.

I tried to edit the navigatrix iso to add the world vectors but they seem to only open if they are on another drive.  Shouldn't have bothered with that.  I'll be donating a DVD to a friend who will try it out on his computer.

Bao it is for sure I downloaded that file from mediofire that the Paul guy put up and it is as smooth as ice. i will recomend it to anyone and thanks to mr anderson.

Some comments on using Open CPN this summer - overall works well when it IS running, but I had problems on the software crashing / PC restarting. It seemed to happen at the end of a route, or when I tried adding waypoints to an existing route. PC is using Windows 8 which might be the problem....? I particularly wanted to use the AIS function as there is a lot of big ship traffic in the Gulf of Finland. I had picked up a used Digital Yacht AIS100 with USB connection, and it worked perfectly once drivers were installed. I had more issues with the GPS puck, as there is some problem with Windows not accepting the older versions now due to chip piracy, but there are ways around this and I got it working.

Major problem (apart from the shutdown issue!) was me not understanding the logic behind saving routes - there appears to be no "save route" button, and it is a mystery when exactly the save happens. Pretty annoying if you have entered and named many waypoints and then next time you open it the route is not there, or only part of it, etc. Anyone able to shed some light on this?

I'm going to get an NMEA-USB cable and try to hook up direct to my fixed GPS - if I can do that AND save the routes direct to the GPS then this would make life much simpler!

I tried adding the Google Earth plugin but so far it doesn't run on any of my PCs, both Win 7 & 8. Any ideas?

Overall it is worth trying out and for "free" you can't go too wrong! Hardware of course is another thing... ;-)

Mate,alas my old laptop with open cpn melted. But here is a link that may be helpful regarding google earth http://www.cruisersforum.com/forums/f134/google-earth-plugin-doesnt...

A bit more research say a lot of people prefer GE KAP

OK, thanks for the link. Seems maybe I don't have right version of GE, but will persevere! Main problem with Open CPN was it crashing/shutting down without warning, GE add on is a nice extra for me but not so essential. Will report back if/when I get it working ;-)

Merci Olivier, le couple Lavergne  donne toujours de très bonne informations , mais aussi que l'amour dure longtemps .

Thank you Olivier Lavergne pair always gives very good information, but also that love lasts long .

roux olivier said:

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