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The sail plan of Tiki 31 suggests there is a mizzen staysail (13 sqm2) for off the wind use. For the windward use a mizzen staysail of the same size as jib (8 sqm2) should be used.

On the pictures I've seen of the Tiki 31 the mizzen staysail is never hoisted. So I've been wondering that maybe the mizzen staysail is not very practical. Of course using it requires more work (more hands on deck!). How much does the boat gain extra speed? Is it worth the effort?

How often do you Tiki 31 people use the mizzen staysail? I will be placing the order to purchase the sails (Jeckell's) in the near future. Now I started wondering if these two sails will just remain in their bags!

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Hello together,

this Artikel is now about 4 Years old. Is someone here who is using a Mizzen Staysail on any Boat and can thell his experience?

Thank you

Greetings Oli

Hi Oliver. I have no experience, but Rod McLaren have one in his Mana 24.

See http://wharrambuilders.ning.com/profile/RodMcLaren?xg_source=profil...

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