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Hi, has anyone had any experience with Norslay rigging? My tiki 38 came with this fitted. Norslay is a plastic impregnated galv wire rope. I am happy with the uv resistance and they are overbuilt (8mm) so strength isn't an issue. My problem is that they have been fitted with galv clamps that hold a galv thimble. The clamps seem cheap and have rusted so need replacing or perhaps changing to a new swaging system. I am interested to see if anyone else has used this product and what terminal fittings or methods they used. Any advice appreciated. Cheers, Dave 

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I have since been emailing a supplier in the UK who says that they do not reccommend the bulldog style clamps that I currently have. He said that stainless steel swageless fitting are compatible with Norselay rigging. He said that the plastic is removed from the end of the wire with an electric drill with a wire brush before splaying the wires to match the fitting. He said that to minimise corrosion, silicone is squeezed in before tightening as well as a heat shrink sleeve added above the fitting to avoid water ingress.


Has anyone seen this done or have any thoughts about this process? My initial reaction was that galv is not compatible with stainless steel and that this could lead to problems in the longer term.




If I recall correctly I belive that Ann and Nev had this type of wire on there boat for awhile and then changed it out for ss wire.

hi only time stainless steel is a problem is when it contacts aluminium, it's perfectly fine with anything else but eats through ally on anything, that's why braided brake lines are plastic coated been using stainless for years on motorbikes,salted roads aint that different to marine conditions

Stainless steel itself has let me down in the past.  That is why I like the rope lashings so much on Peace.

Yes, Boatsmith is right that we had Norslay rigging and we were hot happy with it and we did switch to stainless.  We do like it better than Norslay.  But one must watch all metals carefully. 

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