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any good advice out there regarding getting an attractive non skid finish that is maintainable in the future ie when repainting is required. thanks Brett

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I used sand and 2 part polyurethane paint. Buy sand from aquarium shop, run it through a seave, apply paint and sprinkle sand on paint before it dries, apply 2 coats on top . You can sand the sand with sandpaper between coats to get just the right amount of roughness. Practical Boat UK just ha a well researched article comparing diff products and diy processes. Cheers

cheers Patrick- do you what the sand is? What type of sand? cheers Brett

We used Glidden oil based polyurethane porch and floor paint and mixed Behr non skid additive one packet per gallon of paint.  This worked better than expensive two part paint, and all the other yacht priced paints we tried in years past.  Next time you paint, just lightly sand and proceed as needed.  We got four years hard use before she needed paint again.

Tape off the area to have non-skid

Prep surface for paint

Apply a wet coat of paint

Apply non-skid from a shaker (we have used many types of non-skid, but they get shaken onto the surface from a container with holes in it) in an even coat over the entire wet paint surface. Apply several times if required while paint is wet.

Allow to set

Blow/brush off excess non-skid

Apply second coat of paint over non-skid

Allow to dry as needed

Apply third coat of paint if required

Do not reuse rollers that have painted over non-skid as they will be contaminated.

I used this technique professionally for dozens of years on boats, commercial bath tubs (hotels), and industrial applications, and I still use it with great success.

Just fine white sand. The sand from aquarium Shops is very clean . It is important to use a sieve to remove the larger grains. The surface can be very sharp so sand a bit with 150 sand paper.

Brett Parker said:

cheers Patrick- do you what the sand is? What type of sand? cheers Brett

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