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For any interested parties -- I have decided to change my approach regarding a Deck Pod for my Tiki 3. After attending the Florida Keys WHARRAM RENDEZVOUS this past May I decided to modify my modifications. I am calling it my 'Semi' Pod. Attached are a few photos -- My plan is still to raise the masts by three feet (I have already added a one foot block) making the total four feet taller than plans. The 'Semi-Pod' has a recessed foot well, seats along each side and oak combings all round. In addition there is a over the pod 'line' board which will support the line clutches for the main mast and a winch. Experiments? I also decided to use an industrial cargo 'bed liner' material for the the surface coating. It sure makes the 'non-slip' grade! The 'Semi-Pod' will replace the forward central deck with all but six inches above deck level -- most of the unit will be within the beam depth. The exception is about eight inches for the foot well.

Another idea -- we'll see how this one works -- I articulated the 'arms' of my engine 'pod' to give it added lift as well as more depth -- there is a photo for comments as well.

Any suggestions? -- I will post this on the Tiki 31 pages as well.



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Hi Thom, how did your new pod work out -

I have obtained plans from Wharrem to move the mast back to about 900mm from the second beam and use the box design similar to the Tiki 38 - Mast at 9m high, and a new sail plan as per the Pahi 31.

cheers Pieter

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