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Hello everybody
I have just installed anew nav tri light & anchor light with a three position switch. 1nav 2 off 3anchor. The switch works properly but the lights are dim the bulbs are LED 4W which seems ok to me. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong? Cheers Ray

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Too much resistance in the wiring or in the connections is the most likely culprit. Of course, the battery might be low as well.

Thanks for the feedback the batteries are good so i guess I'll have to check all the wiring which is new but not sure about the quality. Thaks again regards Ray
Found the problem which was a bad earth, moral always check the basics. I'd assumed that the presents of a wire ment that the earth was ok but the wire went nowhere. So ran an earth direct to the busbar hey presto bright lights. Hope this helps somebody. Cheers Ray

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