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I am hoping that some of my nearby Canadian builders can assist me with procuring some metric measuring devices.

I have been getting by with the very limited tapes and meter sticks I have here (one from the 70's when the US tried to convince the public to go metric), as well as doing the standard-to-metric conversions of my other devices. I get "deer in the headlights" looks from my local hardware store employees when I ask about metric measuring devices.

I need the following metric devices:

• Metric only tape measure - long. 15m would be best, but shorter is ok.
• Metric only tape measure - short. 5m or so
• Meter stick. Prefer metal
• Speed Square
• Combination square
• Short decimal stick. I have no idea what these are called, but they are generally metal measuring sticks that are about 15cm long, about 25mm wide and have tightly graduated measurements on both sides denominated in fractions of millimeters.
• any other metric measuring devices that other builders have found useful.

Thanks in advance,

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Shane , MSC supply is a good source for pretty much every thing you mentioned except the Speed Square. They have metric scales from 6" long to one meter in rigid and flexible . Also metric combination squares and tapes. David
We found 5m metric tape measures at Dollar Tree. Guess nobody wanted them so we bought a bunch at a buck a piece.
Thanks for the replies everyone. Some years back, I had a McMaster account, and for whatever reason it completely slipped my mind that they had metric measuring devices.

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