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Hello Wharram Builders!

S/V Mon Tiki, a USCG certificated Tiki 38 now lays in Norfolk, awaiting my return next month to continue her journey south. I am a USCG master captain with a 50 ton near coastal license. I built Mon Tiki, and in the summer I run her as a daysailing charter. My purpose in taking Mon Tiki south is three-fold:

1) To enjoy some avocational time on Mon Tiki, free from the responsibility of my passengers safety and comfort.

2) To find warmer climes to do maintenance and improvements on Mon Tiki.

3) To give my family a destination for the various school breaks that occur over the next several months.

I am seeking ride-along crew for safety and companionship for the trip from Norfolk though the ICW to Beaufort NC and then on down the coast to points south. Come for a day, or over night, or longer with we are simpatico. Step off when it stops being fun.

You needn't be a seasoned sailor, but Mon Tiki's interior is only partially fitted out so expect very basic accommodations. There is a stove/oven for cooking and a heater to make the cabins warm if the cold becomes unpleasant.

The only expectation (beyond being pleasant company) is that you provide your own transportation to and from where you step onto and off of Mon Tiki and contribute to your share of provisions. I have simple tastes so it won't cost you any more to eat on board Mon Tiki than it does to eat at home, and probably less.

I hope to be leaving Norfolk on or around 12/18 and hope to arrive in Beaufort NC on or around 12/23. I am not in a hurry. If the wind's behind us, we'll sail. If there's no wind at all, we'll motor. If the wind's in our face, we'll hold up in a creek and wait for it to change to a different direction.


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Hello all. Mon Tiki and I are in McClellanville South Carolina. Some trip highlights:

I met Ron and his Tiki 38 Mouzzer in Rebel Marina, and then we crossed paths again near Myrtle Beach, and then we were right next to each other in Georgetown South Carolina and I met his wife Gail and we had a very nice dinner ashore.

Stayed a week in Southport NC where my family came to visit me. Lots of history and historical charm, and we got the foam cut for my two daughters' repective bunks. Even with the interior in a very raw state, the boat fit us very nicely (the girls love having their own private quarters) and I'm excited to get Mon Tiki fitted out for further family adventures!

There has been plenty of uncomfortable weather, but when the wind is behind, the sun is out and the sails are up it's quite lovely. 

I'd really like to sail outside the next stretch, at least as far as Sapelo Sound (I gave friends in Valona) but before I need two things:

I need to get to the top of my masts to inspect the rigging, rehang one halyard pennant, retrieve another halyard I lost in the squall that ushered in this cold weather, change my anchor light, and generally inspect everything to make sure it's in good order. Can anyone recommend a yard in the Charleston area that has a crane or bucket or other equipment that will do the job?

Also, I don't want to sail offshore singlehanded, so if anyone reading this wants to jump on for a nice 24 hour downhill run, do get in touch!


Lots of photos from the past few weeks at:




Just to let you know -- the Wharram Hui is scheduled for May 16 -- 18.  I have a Wharram 31 docked in Ft. Myers -- Wharram owners are always welcome when I am in town.  This is FYI.

Tiki Thom delForge

Press Release

For Immediate Release

January 10, 2014

Islamorada, Florida, USA







We will be holding the Spring Wharram Rendezvous (a Hui Wharram) May 16-17-18, 2014 in Islamorada, FL (Florida Keys) at the world famous Lorelei Cabana Bar. 


A “Hui Wharram” or “Hui-o-waa-Kaulua-Wharram” (Hawaiian) is a group or gathering of Wharram boats but any type of boat is welcome.  Come even if you don’t have a boat.


There is no easier way to fulfill your sailing dreams – from sailing the trade winds or the local shores – than with a Wharram Sailing Catamaran.  Wharrams range from 16’ to 63’ and are mostly home built of plywood.  Stable, rugged, fast, FUN, comfortable, inexpensive to build, operate and repair! 


Come, see and enjoy the boats.  Just have fun.  We talk about Wharrams and nearly any other boat.  We tell sailing stories…some may even be true.  We compare notes.  We share pictures.  We look at plans.  We take pictures of each other’s boats and get some really good (and a few bad) ideas.  We eat and drink and just have fun.  Bring a boat if you have one and everyone is welcome … no boat needed!  FREE!  a perfect Keys event!  Join us for a Dutch-treat dinner on Saturday night at the Lorelei…door prizes!


For details send an email to floridawharramrendezvous@hotmail.com.

FYI, Mon Tiki is in Islamoroda in the Floriday Keys, anchored not far from the Tangoroa Tucanu. 

I'll be refitting in late February/early March, then headed back up to Montauk for the 2014 season.

I have be solo on Mon Tiki since Norfolk, which as been lonely, instructive, and worthwhile. In 1200 miles I can only think of three glaring missteps, and I got away with no harm to myself or the boat, and with lessons learned. 

See you in May -- I just found out I need to replace my 'pretty' oak netting beam  -- thought it wasn't quite right.  Plan to sail to the Hui-Wharram.  Currently working on it here in Ft. myers.

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