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just anti fouled my hulls by beaching the boat. I tried landing the hulls on tyres and blocks of wood but the outgoing tide always seemed to wash away the sand and bury the hulls in the beach. Which resulted in lots of digging to clear the hulls of sand to prep and paint, they were still resting on the tyres. I was thinking of getting a few 5m scaffold planks strapping them to the hulls underneath the beams then when the tide goes out using a high lift jack under the beams to lift the hulls up, then place blocks underneath. I do also have some repair work to do to the sacrificial keel strip under the hulls, or at least it seems the hulls/keels were built then a 50x40mm strip of wood added below them to take the wear and tear of beaching. The boat only came with a partial set of plans. Any prior experience or thoughts would be great.

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