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I notice there is a curve on the hull of the Pahi and Tiki designs, can anyone tell me if this curve has been added to the classic designs. (Tehini).  I have the study plans for the Tehini and it shows the bulkhead profile as having straight lines and no curve.  I have emailed Wharram but can't get a response.



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LMAO at Chuck.  Cheers about the ex haha


Brian, as a ship builder you have a responsibility to every person who may ever set foot on the vessel.  Don't fuck it up.  Don't get anyone killed.

Oooops...meant to delete the above.  Anyway, good luck with it all and may God help us All.
It's good to see I'm not the only one who drinks and posts.

Tom said:
Oooops...meant to delete the above.  

The curved V-shape causes more leeway.

With Pahis JWD use daggerboards to compensate , with Tikis they use an additional keel.

Just respect the architect, that is key. Feel the philosophy, customize etc... But I never felt smarter than him. My boat is pure Wharram, just a few changes inspired from the 46. And I love her like this, and I love when other sailors look at her and tell me she has a lot of character.
well said mate.
So if I respect the architect and pinch a few ideas from the Tiki 46 i.e.: the slight camber and stubby keel am I OK.

The fact that JWD does not reply to your email says everything. Hull shape and connecting structure (beams and their attachment) are the most essential part in any multihull project. Change those and you get a different boat. Why choose a Tehini if you do not like the hull shape? Why not build a T46 if that is the hull shape you like? Why investing so much money and work if you do not even know what kind of boat and what sort of sailing characteristics you will get for that? Why investing in an untested design?


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