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My old Tiki 21 have one bow bad. I need exemples of wharram How to fix the stay.

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I have always greatly disliked the fore stay bridle thing. Where we kept them we use greatly oversized U bolts ( 12mm T 38, 10 mm T30 ) and big ugly backing plates . i do not like drilling holes through the hull in that place and all the load that is put on the U bolts and thus those holes 

For our  " Hitia " 26 I made a front beam out of 4 inch dia alu with a substantial  gull striker. Fore stay is lashed to that beam and it works like a charm . Improves windward ability too . This beam is lashed to the hulls , like all the other beams . 

For our new T 30 we did the same thing but this time with a mast section coming off a wrecked 39 ft trimaran and  this time with a more modest gull striker . Like wise, the  forestay is connected to the beam by a lashing .  


                                           Maxim Jurgens 

                                                   Siam Sailing, Phuket 

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