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I need an advice...

can I wait another year?

Should I change them?

The problem is that the has blokked everything and I think the only solution is to drill them .

Epoxy was not enough?

The engine is now hanging here. Should I move it? Why?

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The weight of the cockpit bearing on the aft beam ( a tightly lashed beam!) is helpful. Notice the teak cockpit hold-down in the photo below:

There is another at the forward end of the cockpit. I added them after the cockpit began raising up off the beam while motoring in one day! When I tried to throttle up, the thrust would lift the rear of the cockpit clear of the beam! Scary. I immediately fabricated the teak hold-downs!
I think it's enough. last question: how can I try to cut out a piece of wood sticked by epoxy? Solvent? hacksaw?
If you can use a saw to cut off parts of it , you can then finish it with a good chisel. Or, you can use the chisel for the whole job. That's how I removed the aft beam locating blocks in order to fit new ones.

sorry to be late.

as usual thanks for your advices. I will post pictures of the result. so you can judge.


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