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I can not seem to find gripfast nails in the USA is there a source here or do we have to order from overseas? Conversely can they be replaced with galvanized screws instead? Thanks for the info.

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I would recommend using stainless wood screws and use a drill and a torx drill bit.
You can purchase bronze and stainless ring shank nails from Jamestown distributors. They're online. David www.boatsmithfl.com
Thanks for the heads up on those nails.
From their website:
Jamestown Distributors has been an industry leader in marine and building supplies for over 30 years. We pride ourselves in offering the best selection of products available, a first-class technical support staff, an extensive library of how-to documents and the largest collection of marine and building how-to videos in the world. Our facility has over 40,000 sq ft of warehouse space (yes, we stock your products!), a call center and a workshop facility for product testing and training. Jamestown Distributors is located in Bristol, Rhode Island. We are proud to be located in the heart of the Rhode Island boatbuilding community.
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I couldn't find gripfast nails where I am either...no monel at all. For most of the building, I've used steel screws for clamping preasure, and then removed them. What a pain.

But, I found a really cool nail! It is made out of plastic by a company named Raptor. They are in Texas, in the USA. They make several types and sizes of nail. The 1 5/8 " nails I've been using are strong enough to clamp 1 3/4" x 1 1/4" soft woods even while they are being bent to tight, kerfed curves. And, they fit in my nail gun which makes life too easy. You can drive them with a hammer too. Oh yeah, you can also sand them :)

Check them out at http://www.raptornails.com/raptornails.html if you are interested. They are pretty cheap by the box.
Hi Tom,
Thanks for the info on the Raptor nails and the link. I am definitely going to try them out.
Happy building.

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