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My tiki 30' is anchored in a tidal creek and I have two anchors out for and aft on bridles to keep her in position. I would like to keep the two anchors out but join them both at the bow bridle so she can swing in the different wind/tide conditions. Has anyone any recommendations ideas about how to join the two anchor chains to the one bridle. Join the two chains and one have one chain to the the bridle/ link both chains to the bridle/ have a large shackle on the end of one chain and run the other through it it the bridle? Any thoughts ideas past experience gratefully received.

Where she is anchored there isn't enough room for her to swing around on a 30m chain, theres a tri up creek and a mono down creek and we all do different things depending on wind and tide.

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You need to have the 2 anchors at each end of a length of chain, then have a riser with a good strong swivel connected to your bow bridle, maybe put a float on the head of at least one anchor or you will have trouble to retrieve them again. This way you should be able to swivel around pretty much in one spot, almost a permanent mooring.

Attach the 2 chains to a good strong mooring swivel then the swivel to a riser to the bow bridle, put a float on the head of at least one anchor to aid retrieval, you should swivel on the spot like a permanent mooring.

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