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For Sale: Tiki 21 with trailer in Delta, BC. $4500

For sale: Tiki 21 located in beautiful BC, Canada, you know the country that just beat the US women's soccer team at the Olympics, oh, too soon?  Includes EasyLoader trailer with extended tongue. I tow on BC roads with a $1/day extra-width permit and can launch in 20 mins The deck, beams and new hatches are painted (high quality 1-part polyurethane). Bottom paint is good. Only need to repaint the remainder of the decks and hulls to finish. The current paint is fine; I'm just halfway through the process. Rather than the wingsail, this boat came to me with Hobie 16 rig (26' mast, jib, spinnaker, and main). I've purchased a lot of Hobie parts and sails, as they're readily available. The boat is nicely balanced 'as is'. (I've replaced the jib already and the spinnaker is in good shape since I usually use the bigger resized reacher that works downwind or on a reach). The only reason I added the bowsprit and additional sails is because here in BC we get very light summer winds.

Comes with:

2-person inflatable (Eagle), 

Excel anchor, chain and rode (used once), 

14' sculling oar, 

6hp 2-stroke Yamaha (recently tuned up and winterized), new gas tank. 

Extra long bailer, fire extinguisher, flares, etc…

Lots of additional cleats, rope, pulleys, rivets, SS bolts & screws, etc.. 

Additional sunshade for the deck when at anchor

I have made the following additions or modifications to the original: 

port and stbd dodgers and biminis, 

anchor/gas/motor well in center deck, 

bowsprit with genoa (on continuous line furler), drifter, reacher. 

2 additional mast tangs for added foresails and another set of shrouds 

(Hobie ones are SS, new are dyneema). 

I also added another fwd hatch in each hull to access the very forward part of the main section of the hulls (gear stored up there was always hard to reach). 

I’m selling it because my wife prefers something with more room ‘inside’. I imported the boat and motor from the US about 5 years ago, and the process was simple enough, though not sure what COVID has done to mess with that. I think our borders are open to US citizens, whereas Canadians can't travel South... go figure! 

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Sold to a couple on Texada Island... maybe we'll see her on this forum shortly!

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