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I built the original Tane class cat in the 70's.  Sailed from Boston to Bermuda to the Virgins and back over a couple of years.  I made the following changes: bigger stronger beams and beam troughs, higher mast, no tabernacle, cockpit, and bigger cabins.  All of these were good ideas.  Plywood was brunzeel, all timber mahogany, T-88 structural adhesive and resorcinol for glues, bronze annular boat nails.  The only mistake I made was solid laminated mahogany beams.  Pine would have been strong enough.

The building method was simple, the boat was strong as a brick, and she looked great.  Saw some big waves (completely inundated with only house tops visible) but never worried.  An up and down experience but I have some nice memories of young man's adventure.

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