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This may be helpful for some.An empty cartridge is filled with epoxy and then used in a gun.This pic from the Wharram site.

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Y'm tested this system for my first build.
Result, y lost my mixing by hexotherm. Time to full, and mass effect. It's more fast directly with spatula.

Yep,I thought as much JP. Especially in warmer climates.

You'd need to use a very slow mix with this, but handy for getting into tight spots and keeping it clean. A faster solution might be to use a plastic bag with the corner cut off (like for cake decoration!). In the photo they seem to be putting in a very small fillet - is that really enough?

Those with money to spend can use the West System Six10: http://www.westsystem.com/ss/new-six10-epoxy-adhesive/

It is a slow-cure formula.

we do this regularly. It does work better with slow hardener. It does allow for very precise placement of the epoxy. We don't use it for fillets. Cake decorating bags are stellar. One must still deal with the exotherm. We premeasure the resin and hardener and thickner and have every thing lined up and ready. When we do a large quantity we will have one person mixing with a drill and to persons loading bags for two to three people dispensing.  We will also refrigerate the resin and hardener and then make our application early in the day. We have dispensed almost 10 gallons of epoxy in this manner in less than an hour. We do this when we install a prefit interior into a hull ( glass motor yacht) and it works well.

Yes six boys for 10 gallons ok. But this is an organisation. If you are alone, it's too long, same slow hardenner.

We use Ziploc bags.

Mix your refrigerated resin and hardner, add thickeners, pour/scrape the mixture out into a ziploc bag (to keep it open, push the bag into an appropriately sized clean cup and turn the edges down - like a trash bag in a bin), then squeeze the air out and zip closed. Twist the top of the bag down and cut a bottom corner to your required bead size and apply.

We generally only mix smaller batches now that will fill up to half of a sandwich sized bag, but have used this method in larger quantities out of gallon sized bags with good effect. It works well for a single person and is cheap and easy.

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